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Salvation And Assurance


I know my Saviour Lives
I know my Saviour Lives
On Calvary’s Tree, He Died for Me
But Now My Saviour Lives
(John 20:17)

His Peace I have within
His Peace I have within
His Life He Gave, My Soul to Save
His Peace I Have Within.
(John 14:27)

He’s Coming for Me Soon
He’s Coming for Me Soon
My Sins Forgiven, I am Bound for Heaven
He’s Coming for Me Soon.
(John 14:2-3)

With Him I’ll Dwell on High
With Him I’ll Dwell on High
I’ll Sing His Praise to Endless Days
With Him I’ll Dwell on High.
(Revelation 5:9) (R.A)


I sought a way
I used to think my way was right;
But finding it would end in night.
I sought a way.
‘I am the way!’
To me these words the Saviour said,
And now I take that way instead.
Thou art my way.

I sought for truth
Doubt and confusion filled my mind;
My ears were stopped, my eyes were blind.
‘I am the Truth!’
And reaching forward through my maze,
As on the Son of God I gaze,
I grasp the Truth.

I sought for life
My heart, my soul, so empty seemed;
So futile, all I planned and schemed;
Can this be life’
‘I am the Life!’
And suddenly my spirit lives,
Thrilled and filled with life He gives.
Be Thou my life.

THE GOSPEL Romans 1:16

The Gospel is Good News From Heaven
To All Who Feel The Plague of Sin
To Tell Them They Can Be Forgiven
And Have The Peace of God Within

Believe Alone on God’s Dear Son
And Happy Shalt Thou Be
For He The Victory Was Won
By His Death Upon The Tree

He Freely Shed His Precious Blood
He Bore Our Sin On Shame
That We Might Now Have Peace With God
And Live To Praise His Name

He Rose From Death To Justify
The First Fruits From The Grave
And Now He Lives To Satisfy
And To Eternally Save
(R.A. 20-11-65)


‘God…has set eternity in their heart.’ Ecc. 3:11

It is inscribed in every breast
By God himself it is impressed
It whispers loud amidst the strife
Just how fleeting is your life
It warns- I must my maker meet
And face Him on his judgement seat
Somewhere suspended out in space
My guilt, my past, I then must face
What will I say on that great day?
When heaven and earth will flee away
Alas, before Him I’ll speechless stand
Of all I thought and all I planned
Then hear those awful words declared
Depart from me – my Son you spurned
I knew that Christ died on the tree
That God so-loved could pardon me
But all entreaties of his grace
I flung these back into his face
I always did in heaven believe
Hell – I chose not to conceive
Christ’s frequent warnings of this place
These I dismissed without a trace
Alas! too late, I did discover
Hell is real and is forever
And as the ceaseless ages roll
The price I bartered for my soul
Will cause remorse, regret – lament
Too late! Too late! now to repent (J.H.)


“Run, run and do,” the Law commands,
But gives me neither feet nor hands.
Better news the gospel brings,
It bids me fly and gives me wings.
Author unknown


Laden with blessings tokens of love
Came my Dear Saviour from heaven above
Down to this earth with it’s sin and it’s shame
May we ne’er cease to be praising His Name

Despised and forsaken His portion down here
No kind words of greeting His pathway to cheer
The loaves and the fishes men were glad to receive
But few on God’s Son were prepared to believe

He had put away sin by His death on the tree
That all who believe may forever go free
He has triumphed o’er death o’er hell and the grave
And He lives in the glory the mighty to save. R. A.
(5 – 6 – 65)


There is a time, we know not when,
A place, we know not where;
Which marks the destiny of men
To glory or despair.
There is a line, by us unseen,
Which crosses every path,
Which marks the boundary between
God’s mercy and his wrath.
To pass that limit is to die,
To die as if by stealth;
It does not dim the beaming eye,
Nor pale the glow of health.
The conscience may be still at ease,
The spirit light and gay;
And that which pleases still may please,
And care be thrust away.
But on that forehead God hath set
Indelibly a mark;
Unseen by man, for man as yet,
Is blind and in the dark.
He feels perchance that all is well
And every fear is calmed;
He lives, he dies, he walks in hell,
Not only doomed, but damned!
O, where is that mysterious line
That may by men be crossed,
Beyond which God himself hath sworn,
That he who goes is lost’
An answer from the skies repeats,
“Ye who from God depart,”
Today, O hear His voice,
Today repent and harden not your heart.
Joseph Addison Alexander


Look to Him upon the tree
Look to Him He’ll set you free
You will never suffer loss
If you look to Calvary’s Cross

Look to Jesus friend I plead
He will meet your every need
He will pardon every sin
He will give you peace within


Jesus is the sinner’s friend
On His word you can depend
Trust Him now without delay
And you’ll prove His love each day


We have no continuing city here
For which we thank Thee Lord
The future we need never fear
Our assurance is Thy word

This world awaits the judgement day
When grace it’s course has run
And none will have a word to say
When judged by Thy dear Son

The Gospel sounded loud and clear
A message meant for all
Some curled the lip and gave a sneer
And heeded not the call

For many judgement lies ahead
Though all might have been well
They chose the murderer instead
Their portion now is HELL


Dare We Doubt The Saviour’s Love
He Who Bore The Cross of Shame
He Who Left His Home Above
For The Lost It Was He Came

By His Death Upon The Tree
He Has Met God’s Every Claim
Set The Guilty Sinners Free
May We Ever Praise Thy Name

Dare We Doubt His Power To Save
He Who Fought The Foe Alone
Robe Triumphant From The Grave
How Exalted To The Throne

Now There’s Hope For Everyone
Every Son of Adam’s Race
All Who Trusted In God’s Son
Ever Objects of His Grace

HE IS EVER FAITHFUL Hebrews (13:5)

The Price Was Paid Dear Lord By Thee
Thou Precious Blood Was Shed
That I The Guilty Might Be Free
And Live Who Once Was Dead

The World Would Ever Seek Dear Lord
To Woo Thee From Thy Side
But May I Daily Read Thy Word
And In Thee Lord Confide

Each Day May Bring New Trials To Me
The Enemy Will Assail
But If I Look Dear Lord To Thee
I Know I Cannot Fail


The Saviour loves the Saviour cares
In Him we’re truly blest
For He our every burden shares
In Him we find our rest

His peace we know t’is perfect peace
Our blessed portion here
His word alone made storms to cease
So what have we to fear

Oh that we might more faithful be
More worthy of His love
Until His blessed face we see
And dwell with Him above


My Name is Written There
Though humble and obscure below,
My name is there in heaven, I know.
‘Tis written by the hand of God—
‘Tis written with the Saviour’s blood.
‘Twas there before the day and night,
In beams of God’s unerring light.
By Jesus’ blood ‘twas crimson dyed
When He for me was crucified.
Who would erase it from that page,
Unspoiled by sin, undimmed by age,
Must Calvary’s marks from Him efface,
And change eternal truth and grace.
‘Tis there by Jesus’ worth alone,
For worth or credit have I none;
And nothing less than sin in Him
Can ever that inscription dim.
‘Tis ever there—O sweet the thought!
The space it fills by blood was bought.
‘Tis there by Grace, ‘tis there by right,
Unsullied in the Father’s sight.
Though I such love so feebly serve,
And daily worse than death deserve,
By oath, by blood, by priestly care,
My worthless name He keepeth there.
Let such as know no second birth
Labour to write their name on earth.
My joy is this, that Love Divine
On heaven’s scroll hath written mine.
William Blane


The Lord Has Borne My Load of Sin
On Calvary’ Rugged Tree
And Now I Have His Peace Within
A Proof That I Am Free

For Years Sins Chains Had Bound Me Fast
I’D Longed for Inward Peace
But No I am Gloriously Freed At Last
And All My Conflicts Cease

I Owe It All To God’s Dear Son
He Met God’s Every Claim
All Glory To That Blessed One
I’ll Ever Praise His Name

What Ere The Future Holds For Me
Dear Lord I Cannot Tell
But Since I’VE Put My Trust In Thee
I Know That All Is Well


Little children trust this One
He is God’s Beloved Son
Trust Him in your early days
And you’ll live to sing His praise

This is God’s own Holy Book
Daily in it’s pages look
If you’d know the joys of heaven
You must have your sins forgiven

Happy Birthday (NAME) to you
Happier still when you have two
One on earth and one in heaven
Then you’ll know your sins forgiven

Jesus loves you (NAME) dear
In His arms you’ll never fear
You will find Him good and true
Won’t you trust my Saviour too’



Whatever path we yet may tread
Whatever tears we yet may shed
If by His blessed hand we’re led

This sin cursed scene would speak of night
Sin’s darkening clouds may dim our sight
But oh to walk in His blest light

And when our earthly race is run
And home at last with God’s dear Son
To hear His blessed words “Well Done”


The gospel is good news from God
To those who live in this world,
Concerning His Son, Jesus Christ
Revealed to them in His Word.

The gospel shows the plan of God
To those who in sin are lost,
Christ came to earth to seek and save
Giving His life at great cost.

The gospel proves the love of God
To those who are perishing,
In His mercy God sent His Son
Salvation to them bringing.

The gospel reconciles to God
Those alienated from Him,
Christ’s love compels, for He has borne
The penalty of their sin.

The gospel points the way to God
To those who have gone astray,
By Christ’s death on Calvary’s cross
Procuring the only way.

The gospel brings freedom from God
To those in captivity,
Christ destroyed Satan’s domain in
Resurrection victory.

The gospel grants pardon from God
To those with a guilty past,
Justified freely by His grace
When on His mercy they’re cast.

The gospel offers peace with God
To those who rebel in sin,
No condemnation now in Christ
Was mediated by Him.

The gospel gives surety from God
To those with nothing to pay,
Christ cancelled sin’s debt, restoring
What He did not take away.

The gospel beams the light of God
To those with a darkened mind,
Knowledge of the glory of God
In the face of Christ to find.

The gospel gives the life of God
To those who are dead in sin,
Alive in Christ, by His power
To regenerate within.

The gospel shows the law of God
To those who fail to attain,
Perfect in Christ, the only One
Who could its standard maintain.

The gospel brings supply from God
To those who hunger and thirst,
For righteousness, true holiness,
And seeking His kingdom first.

The gospel sends attire from God
To those unfit for Heaven,
Clothed in Christ’s righteousness ensures
That entrance will be given.

The gospel offers rest from God
To those who labour in vain,
Complete in Christ, His finished work
Alone does God’s favour gain.

The gospel brings the joy of God
To those with a troubled heart,
For Christ has overcome the world
Satisfaction to impart.

The gospel gives promise from God
To those who honour His Word,
Surrendering self to Christ’s claims
Acknowledging Him as Lord.

The gospel gives reward from God
To those who obey it’s call,
Joint heirs with Christ, when He returns
To rule and reign over all.

The gospel sends warning from God
To those who do not repent
Christ will punish eternally
Judgement He cannot relent.


T’was the year nineteen twenty eight
And on the ninth of May
‘That God in mercy saved my soul
And washed my sins away.

In that same year as named above
A preacher came around
The gospel message to proclaim
To those by Satan bound.

You’re on a journey, sinner friend
So you’re not here to stay
Soon you’ll pass to the other side
And leave your house of clay.

Your sins have hid your face from God
‘And Him you do not love
You must be reconciled by blood
Or never dwell above.

Eternal death will be your doom
If you this path pursue
And do not hearken to that voice
That’s gently calling you.

The gospel message is declared
That Christ has died for all
His great salvation He will give
To all who on Him call.

The Saviour shed His precious blood
To cleanse your sins away
That you may dwell in realms of bliss
With Him through endless day.

I urge you sinner to be wise
The way of life do choose
And make the Saviour now your choice
His love do not abuse.

This evil world is very vain
It’s false ways will allure
Poor simple souls to seek it’s joys
That never shall endure.

It’s ways are moveable, we read
Now sinner do beware
‘Twill lead you down to endless woe
And depths of dark despair.

The devil as a roaring lion
Seeks whom he may devour
And sinners so deceived by him
Are captives in his power.

He has a blind upon the mind
So that you cannot see
The awful wrath that will be yours
Through all eternity.

Now wisdom stands without and cries
To all who pass this way
That you obey the Saviour’s call
Make me your choice today.

These words sank deep into my heart
I now must count the cost
If I refuse God’s offer now
I’ll be forever lost.

I bowed my stubborn heart and will
To Him who is divine
And trusted in that precious blood
And claimed the Saviour mine.

‘Twas then my weary soul found rest
And in my breast a calm
And my heart was filled with praises
To God and to the Lamb.

✴ Eighty two years have come and gone
Since Christ my soul set free
And I await that glorious morn
When He shall come for me. M.H. 


There is a living fountain
Which has eternal springs
It flows from Calvary’s mountain
And satisfaction brings.

As we muse upon it’s source
It wells up in the breast
Living water on our course
And then eternal rest.

This fount does refreshment bring
To weary travellers here
It warms their hearts that they can sing
Of Him they hold so dear.

Pilgrims too, rich blessings share
As they are homeward bound.
The spring is there till they are where
The source of it is found.

Sinners do not possess this spring
They do not put God first
But drink of earth’s mundane things
That do not quench their thirst.

Drink from this fount sinner friend
Enjoy the peace it brings
The joy it gives will never end
It has eternal springs.

If any thirst, come to me
Jesus our Lord did cry
Living water I’ll give thee
Your thirst I’ll satisfy. 

THE  ‘I AM.’

The Lord who is the great ‘I Am’
To meet the sinners need
In love to man became the Lamb
Who did for sinners bleed. M.H. 


There is salvation free to all
Who dwell on this sad earth
Who are sinners through Adam’s fall
And need a second birth.

A second birth, strange news indeed
Since we’ve but once to die
But to God’s Word we must give heed
New birth does bring us nigh.

Except a man be born again
He cannot enter Heaven
The Word of God does make it plain
John chapter three verse seven.

To fit all men to dwell on earth
Natural birth was given
So then this new and second birth
Fits men to dwell in Heaven.

It is appointed once to die
‘Tis judgement after this
Then to the Saviour quickly fly
And share eternal bliss.

It is a faithful saying true
That Jesus came to save
Guilty sinners like you and me
That we His life might have.

He that hath ears let him hear
And on the Lord believe
No condemnation shall he fear
But endless life receive. M.H.


In days of youth rejoice young man
The Word of God declares you can
It also says for all these things
The wrath of God it surely brings. M.H.


Nicodemus was a righteous man, a ruler of the Jews
But did not know redemption’s plan, to him it was strange news.

Except a man be born again, Heaven he cannot see
The Lord did make this very plain, to one though righteous be.

A second birth when one is old, how can this ever be’
The Lord then did the truth unfold and make it plain to see.

Born of the flesh is flesh how true, it is opposed to God
It loves the world, it’s pleasures too, and loves the downward road.

A second birth is born of God and by His spirit sealed
It puts him on the narrow road when he to God does yield.

As Moses put a serpent bright so high upon a pole
And he who looked and saw that sight, immediately was whole.

The Saviour must be lifted high upon a cruel tree
That sinful man can be made nigh and from his sin set free.

Men everywhere should read God’s word, to it pay attention
‘Tis sharper than a two-edged sword, no room for invention.


What shall I do with God’s dear Son
Who left His heavenly throne’
He was the just, the Holy One
Who could for sin atone.

The world can never satisfy
The aching void within
It keeps men seeking till they die
Death is the wage of sin.

The devil is as angel bright
Unwary souls deceive
He blinds the mind to keep the light
From those who don’t believe.

Jesus the Saviour offers thee
Pardon from sin and guilt
The price He paid on Calvary’s tree
By His own blood they spilt.

Which one will you poor sinner choose
For you must make a choice
To choose the world your soul you’ll lose
No more hear God’s voice.

Be wise and leave the world’s false way
Be not the devil’s slave
But come to Christ and hear Him say
For you my life I gave.

A new creation you will be
Old things will pass away
From Satan’s chains you will be free
The Lord will be your stay.

Jesus our Saviour soon will come
To take His own away
To dwell in His celestial home
Through God’s eternal day.


Poor sinful man to God is lost
Because of Adam’s fall
The Saviour met the awful cost
By tasting death for all. M.H.


Sinner it is with you I plead
To come to Christ in all your need
It was for sinners that He died
Come now and you’ll be justified.

The wrath of God for you he braved
That you a sinner might be saved
Be wise, do not reject this One
He is God’s one and only Son.

He is the life, the truth, the way
Do come to Him without delay
Tomorrow you many never see
You may be in eternity.

If man neglects His salvation
And refuse His invitation
To come to Christ who loved Him so
It is to God He’s saying no.

Come now while yet there’s time and room
To turn and flee eternal doom
At God’s right hand laid up in store
Pleasures for all for evermore. 


The world lies in the wicked one, He keeps them sleeping fast
Till life’s short journey here is run, and they are doomed at last.

This is a faithful saying true, that Jesus came to save
The works of Satan to undo, for man is Satan’s slave.

Be wise do not despise this one, for soon He’ll come again
As Judge He’ll sit upon His throne, His saints shall with Him reign.

And as the days of Noah were, the days of Lot the same,
Nothing for God they could declare, nothing but sin and shame.

These days are on us like a flood, and time runs on a pace
Nothing can save us but the blood of Him who came in grace.

Perilous times our Lord did say would on this earth prevail
And now we see it in our day, when men’s hearts do them fail.

So now poor sinner I advise, you come to Christ today
Eternal glory for the wise who do God’s word obey.

When the journey here is run, and time on earth has passed
The great forever has begun, where will your soul be cast’


God grant the Saviour you will find
Your soul is all you own
Do not let others change your mind
You must meet God alone. 


A God of love will give a heart
To those who trust in Him
To love Him here and share a part
Where glories ne’er grow dim.

This God of love is calling you
He says come unto me
And you’ll find rest, be born anew
And satisfied you’ll be.

The Saviour will not always call
So come without delay
Salvation now is free for all
For He the debt did pay.

This God of love is waiting still
For sinners to return
Then bow to God’s own sovereign will
His love to you don’t spurn.


While shepherds watched their flock by night
The glory of the Lord shone bright
A babe is born, the angel said
You’ll find Him in a manger laid.

The shepherds went to Bethlehem
And now God’s gift to sinful men
The child was born, the Son was given
The Prince of Peace came down from Heaven.

The wise men from the east did bring
Their gifts to Him who was born King
The gold, the frankincense and myrrh
And falling down they worshipped there.

The Saviour is God’s gift to man
To carry out redemption’s plan
To bear the sinner’s awful load
That man be reconciled to God.

No other way there could be found
It must be on redemption ground
That man can know his sins forgiven
And fit him for a place in Heaven.

The Lord shall come into the air
Quicken His own to meet Him there
The signs around all seem to say
That He may come this very day. 


Man has no choice in being born into a world of hatred, scorn
A world of suffering, sorrow, shame, through Adam’s sin this trouble came.
When Adam sinned he bought a place to hide from God who called in grace
God promised that the woman’s seed would die to meet the sinners need.
This is why men loved the night and would not come into the light
Lest his deeds should be reproved, and from his sinful way be moved.
The Lord looked down if He could see, if any there would righteous be
But not one righteous, no not one, all were sinners lost undone.
They all like sheep had gone astray, all had turned to their own way.
No thought of turning back to God but happy on the downward road.
As God had promised He sent His Son, His only well Beloved One
To die upon the cruel tree that poor sinners might righteous be.
The Saviour came to do God’s will, and that He might the law fulfil
Obedient unto death was He, even to death of Calvary.
Obedience is God’s way for man, through disobedience sin began
The Saviour, the obedient One, who only could for sin atone.
This world is staggering to it’s doom, and for the Saviour has no room
They will not heed the Saviour’s call, offering pardon free to all.
Man knows he is not here to stay, one day his soul will wing its way
To dark despair or endless bliss, the choice is his in all of this.
As days of Lot and Noah were, eating, drinking and plenteous fare
Planting, building, in marriage given, no thought of God or of Heaven.
These days are on us like a flood, and man has wandered far from God
But God has said that every knee of every clime shall bow to me.
Sinner be wise, bow to the Son, and trust the work that He has done
Then know the joys of sin forgiven, sure of a home reserved in Heaven.


It is a faithful saying true
That Jesus came to save
Guilty sinners like me and you
That we His life might have. 


There was a man who was born blind
Sat begging on the road
The greatest mercy he did find
Was by the Son of God.

The Saviour passing by that way
And saw the blind man sit
He stooped down and made some clay
Anointing his eyes with it.

The Lord then told him to arise
And wash away the clay
So off he went and washed his eyes
Received his sight that day.

The neighbours then did not believe
That this was really he
Who was born blind and did receive
His sight and he could see.

And others wondered could it be
He who begged being blind
He’s like him, he said, I am he
They doubted in their mind.

How marvellous a thing is this
He has opened my eyes
And you know not from whence He is
It causes me surprise!

They brought him to the Pharisees
Who just did not believe
That he was blind and now he sees
They did his parents grieve.

He is our son, we know him well
His parents were now
But how he sees we cannot tell
Ask him he is of age.

The Pharisees did say again
We would give God the praise
For now we know he sees quite plain
To God our voice should raise.

Sure never since the world began
Or could you ever find
A man that could give sight to man
Or one that had been blind.

The Pharisees reviled this man
Who did His Lord uphold
And carried out their vicious plan
Expelled him from their fold.

He’s in the place of blessing now
The Lord he soon did meet
And gladly to Him he did bow
And worshipped at His feet.

These Pharisees will see this man
Whom they on earth did flout
Safe in Heaven at God’s right hand
And they themselves cast out.


We thank Thee for the child that was born
We thank Thee for the Son that was given
We thank Thee for the joy to know
One day we’ll tread the courts of heaven
All glory to that Blessed One
The Father’s Well Beloved Son
Isaiah 9:6


Oh the wonders of His grace
Just to know my sins forgiven
When I see my Saviour’s face
That to me will then be heaven


You’ll never know the Saviour’s love
You’ll never know His grace
Unless you humble at His cross
And take the sinner’s place


Thoughts of the one whose love for me
Brought Him from Heaven above
To suffer on the cruel tree
His was redeeming love


Happy Birthday (NAME) to you
Happier still when you have two
One on earth and one in heaven
Then you’ll know your sins forgiven

Jesus loves you (NAME) dear
In His arms you’ll never fear
You will find Him good and true
Won’t you trust my Saviour too


Around the cross we gather
Our hearts unite as one
To thank Thee God and Father
For Thy Beloved Son

We view with adoration
The One who set us free
Who purchased our salvation
By dying on the tree
Philippians 2:8, 9, 10


Hebrews 13:14

We have no continuing city here
For which we thank Thee Lord
The future we need never fear
Our assurance is Thy word

This world awaits the judgement day
When grace it’s course has run
And none will have a word to say
When judged by Thy dear Son

The Gospel sounded loud and clear
A message meant for all
Some curled the lip and gave a sneer
And heeded not the call

For many judgement lies ahead
Though all might have been well
They chose the murderer instead
Their portion now is HELL


Laden with blessings tokens of love
Came my Dear Saviour from heaven above
Down to this earth with it’s sin and it’s shame
May we ne’er cease to be praising His Name

Despised and forsaken His portion down here
No kind words of greeting His pathway to cheer
The loaves and the fishes men were glad to receive
But few on God’s Son were prepared to believe

He had put away sin by His death on the tree
That all who believe may forever go free
He has triumphed o’er death o’er hell and the grave
And He lives in the glory the mighty to save
(5 – 6 – 65)


In evil long I took delight,
Unawed by shame or fear,
Till a new object struck my sight,
And stopped my wild career.

I saw One hanging on a tree,
In agonies and blood;
He fixed His languid eyes on me,
As near His cross I stood.

Sure never till my latest breath,
Shall I forget that look!
It seemed to charge me with His death,
Though not a word He spoke.

A second look He gave, which said,
“I freely all forgive;
This blood is for thy ransom paid;
I die that thou mayest live.”

Thus while His death my sin displays
In all its blackest hue,
Such is the mystery of grace,
It seals my pardon too!
John Newton


One day a little Hebrew maid
Who from the place of safety strayed
Was stolen by a ruffian band
And carried to a foreign land.

They took her to a palace fair,
Where men of might and honour were,
Where she became a little slave
To serve the wealthy, proud and brave.

But she had heard her parents speak
Of HIM who helps the poor and weak;
She loved the Lord who answers prayer,
And knew HIM present everywhere.

The miracles His prophet wrought
Were oft the subject of her thought;
To others, too, she longed to tell
The power of HIM she loved so well.

For in that palace no one knew
The Lord with Whom she had to do;
They worshipped gods their hands had made,
Of lifeless idols were afraid.

Her master was a man of might
Who led his people in the fight
And from Oppression’s cruel hand
Delivered once his native land.

He from the king had honours great,
Proud lords upon his word did wait;
To distant lands they spread his fame
Naaman, the Syrian, was his name.

But though he was so rich and great,
It was his sad unhappy fate
To be a leper-vile, unclean,
Unfit in public to be seen.

He lived alone, apart from all
The splendour of his palace hall;
No one with him would eat or drink–
His nearest friends did from him shrink.

To great physicians he applied;
No remedy was left untried
Which wealth and honour could procure–
But nothing can a leper cure.

Now this was told the little maid,
And after she had kneeled and prayed
She to her mistress said one day,
In her own simple childlike way:

“Would God my lord in Israel were,
And with the mighty prophet there!
For God is with him, and I’m sure
That he his leprosy would cure.”

This Message reached great Naaman’s ear,
Whose heart was glad such words to hear,
And soon with pomp and presents grand,
He started for fair Israel’s land.

There when his pride was humbled low,
And he had dipped ‘neath Jordan’s flow,
His flesh became as pure and clean
As he a little child had been.

Nor was his body only cured,
For he the man of God assured
That henceforth he would serve the Lord,
Whom previously he had ignored.

When to his palace he return’d
Then former idols soon were spurn’d
All through the words the little maid
In faithfulness for God had said,

Ye little ones who Jesus know,
And live among the lost below,
Learn from this faithful little slave
To speak of Jesus power to save.

‘Tis oft the very simplest word
That leads the sinner to the Lord;
God make simplicity prevail
When arguments most powerful fail

The wise and great are oft refused
While weak and foolish things are used
In working out God’s wondrous plan
Of saving lost rebellious man.