A Form Of Godliness

Question: The Bible says that in the last days “men would have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof: from such turn away.” – 2 Timothy 3:5. What does this mean?

It seems to summarize their religious character. “Godliness” means “devoted to God,” pious, sincere, genuine. The verse says they would only have a “form” of resemblance, but nothing real. They deny (disregard) the power of the gospel. When religion is formal it is dead, there is no life or active working of God’s power in the life.

Today, this is everywhere abounding. People go to church, they go through the motions, and then they forget it until the next time. Religion in the true sense is only mentioned once in the Bible in James 1:26. It is an external form of an inward work of God in the soul. Every other place it is mentioned, it is in a bad sense. It was religious people who cried, “Away with Him! Crucify Him!” This form of godliness is blinding people to their sins, and the need of our Saviour. There is a vast difference between religion and salvation. Salvation is what God has done and does do, for and in, man. Religion is the opposite. Many think their religion is going to get them to heaven; so they pursue it faithfully. What an awakening it will be when they are brought before the judgment bar of God, and they learn it’s too late. Jesus died to open the way for them, by the faith in His blood, so they could have entered into heaven. Timothy is exhorted “from such turning away.” It means to “avoid or shun them.” Forsake trusting in your religion and turn your helplessness on the Christ who loved and died for you.

Trust Him and be saved today.