• Question 1 
    Why is Mary not mentioned by any of the Apostles in the New Testament Epistles?

  • Question 2 
    Why is Mary not mentioned in the epistle to the Church at Rome?

  • Question 3 
    Why did Peter, (of all people) not refer to Mary in either of his epistles.

    Question 4

  • Why does the Apostle Peter makes no mention of Mary in his sermon on the Day of Pentecost when thousands heard him?

  • Question 5
    Why is there no reference to her in any of the sermons / addresses preached in the Acts of the Apostles covering a period of approx. 30 years?

  • Question 6
    Why is there no mention of her in any of the New Testament Pastoral epistles?

  • Question 7
    Why did the Risen Christ not mention Mary, his mother, when he gave 7 individual messages to the Churches in Asia?

  • Question 8
    He rebukes five of them very severely and warns them to repent. Yet he makes no mention of Mary. Why would he omit to mention his mother if she is so important in aiding recovery of the erring?

  • Question 9
    Matthew presents the Lord Jesus as King throughout his Gospel. If Mary is *Queen of Heaven why did Matthew make no mention of this in his writings?
    *This title is found 5 times in the Book of Jeremiah - 7:18, 44:17, 18, 19, 25. Her worship is condemned by God as an idolatrous pagan practice. The Queen of Heaven was the Assyro-Babylonian goddess Ishtar. 

  • Question 10
    In Matthew 6:9, the Lord Jesus taught his disciples to pray thus - 'Our Father which art in heaven'. Is there any where in the New Testament that it is even hinted that we should pray to Mary? Search the scriptures diligently - you will never find it.  

  • Question 11
    If Mary has such a vital role why was she excluded from the 'Upper Room Ministry' when the Lord gathered the 12 Apostles together for the last time as recorded by John in Ch.13-17? 

  • Question 12
    Why is it that Christ makes no mention of Mary to his disciples in his final great commission to evangelise the world?

  • Question 13
    Why did Mark say nothing about Mary but merely record what men thought about her?

    Question 14

    Why does Mark in Chapter 9 give a preview of the glorified Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration yet he does not even hint that Mary has any glory of her own or that she shares in Christ's?

  • Question 15
    Why did Luke, who made 12 references to Mary relating to the birth of Christ, only make one more reference to her in his gospel? (It is a very interesting reference).

  • Question 16
    Why does Luke in Chapter 9 give a preview of the glorified Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration yet he does not even hint that Mary has any part in it?

  • Question 17
    Why did John in his gospel never mention her name? He mentions Mary of Bethany 9 times by name and Mary Magdalene 5 times.

  • Question 18
    Why is it that not one of the Apostles knew anything of the following titles attributed to Mary? Queen of heaven, Queen conceived without stain of sin. Ark of the Covenant, Door of heaven, Star of the morning, Healer of the sick, Refuge of sinners, Queen of the angels, Queen of the patriarchs, Queen of the confessors, Queen of all saints, Mystic Rose, Tower of David, Holy Mother of God, Holy Virgin of virgins, Mother of divine grace, Virgin worthy of veneration, Virgin worthy of praise, Powerful virgin, Merciful Virgin, Mirror of righteousness, Throne of wisdom, Source of our joy, Spiritual vessel, Venerable vessel and many more.

  • Question 19
    Why was no mention made of Mary at the first Council at Jerusalem of the Apostles and Elders as recorded in Acts 15?

  • Question 20
    Why is it that such a vast 'superstructure' relating to the veneration of Mary is built on such a flimsy foundation? A 'superstructure' that was completely unknown to any of the Apostles in the first century of Christianity.