1. Introduction

You'll find the answers to life's ultimate questions on this mini-CD. It warns that we are all guilty of having sinned against a holy God and are therefore exposed to his righteous wrath and judgement - eternally.

However, the good news is that the guilty can experience forgiveness and enjoy, here and now, peace with God by repentance from sin and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. You can know with assurance that you have eternal life; that heaven is your final destiny. God is love and has provided a righteous basis, in the death of His only son, so that He can be just and the justifier of Him that believes on Jesus.
  2. Ultimate Questions - Religion

There are thousands of religions in the world today. They represent man's insatiable quest after God. The isms of religion are legion. Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, New Ageism, Islamism, Judaism, Protestantism, Sikhism, Paganism, Pantheism, Polytheism, Occultism, Mormonism to name but a few. Then there is philosophy with its humanism, relativism, rationalism, pluralism, existentialism, nihilism, scepticism, idealism. However, neither religion nor philosophy has the answer to man's greatest problem. The heart of manís problem is the problem of manís heart. Youíll find the answer here.
  3. Ultimate Questions - Creation, the Bible and Science

It all started with the Big Bang, which exploded the myth of a designer God. Many claim modern science has buried God - for good! Darwinian evolution, recent scientific research, DNA discovery, carbon and radio-dating techniques, archaeological fossil finds have finally freed man from religious superstition.Yet, Stephen W. Hawking, the well-known British physicist, identifies the ultimate question behind everything. ‘Today we still yearn to know why we are here and where we came from.' What if God does exist and He is the God of Origins? If He is, then He is also the God of conclusions. Wouldn't you say this has major implications for man - for you?
4. Ultimate Questions - The End Times

Sometimes the answers are so complex we don't even bother to ask the questions. The earth seems to be giving us a wake-up call with, global warming, environmental pollution, earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorism, violence, wars and conflict, food shortages, financial crashes, epidemic diseases, global poverty and moral depravity. It is hard not to ask - what on earth is happening to the world? Are we in the End-Times? Is Biblical prophesy being fulfilled? Is the second coming of Christ imminent? Is Armageddon soon to be unleashed? What is Israel's role in prophesy? Who is the anti-christ? Is Babylon apostate Christianity? The Ultimate question is this. Are you prepared for what lies ahead?
5. Ultimate Questions - The Church

Think of it this way. The Church is like a business and when the Lord Jesus went away, he gave the keys to Peter to look after it. It sounds good! There is only one major problem. The Church, according to the Holy Scriptures, is not a business but a body and Jesus Christ is its Head - and He is in heaven. There is not a shred of evidence in the Word of God to suggest that the risen Christ authorized the building of a monolithic hierarchical institution invested with power,
 pomp and wealth.

What then, are we to make of Church traditions, which the early Christians, in Bible times, knew nothing whatsoever about? Such as - auricular confession and the elevation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and co-redemptrix. Her immaculate conception and bodily assumption. Then there is baptismal regeneration, the rosary, making and praying to saints, the priesthood and
its celibacy, transubstantiation, purgatory, meritorious good works for salvation, penance, indulgences and Papal infallibility. All these and many more are wholly unbiblical. What then does the Bible really teach?
Ultimate Questions - Jesus Christ

One thing is for certain - Jesus Christ is unique. You can explore the facts for yourself on this website. His titles are many. Here are some:- Good Shepherd, the Great Shepherd and Chief Shepherd, the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Only Begotten, The I am, the Firstborn, The Holy One of God, the Heir of all Things, the Forerunner, the Redeemer, the Word of God, the Advocate, King of Kings, King of the Ages, the Ancient of Days, Lord of Lords, Prince of Life, Prince of Peace, Lord of Glory, King of the Jews, the Lamb of God, the Lawgiver, Man of Sorrows, the Mediator, the Messiah, the Morning Star, Root of David, Son of David, the Son of God, the Son of Man, the Son of the Highest, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Saviour, Jesus of Nazareth, the Seed of the Woman, the Sin Bearer, the Author of Eternal Salvation, the Author and Finisher of Faith, the Beloved Son, the Image of God, the Branch, the Bread of Life.

The Captain of Salvation, the Corner Stone, the Counsellor, the Deliverer, the Desire of all Nations, the Door, the Way, the Truth, the Life, God blessed Forever, the Light of the World, the Mighty God, the Prophet, the Resurrection and the Life, the Rose of Sharon, the True Light, the True Vine, The True Bread and many more. Explore also - His miraculous birth, His sinless life, His temptations, His Transfiguration, His miracles, His Words, His sufferings, His sin-atoning death, His victorious resurrection, His many appearances, His ascension, His exaltation, His glorification in Heaven, His Priesthood, His Advocacy, His Intercession, His coming again for His own - the rapture, and His coming to reign - to establish His millennial kingdom, and to Judge the world in righteousness at the Great White Throne.

7. Ultimate Questions - Cults

Cults invariably reject the deity of Christ and eternal (everlasting) punishment - Hell and the Lake of Fire. They are adept at twisting the Scriptures to make them fit with their perverted way of thinking. They even change the Greek text to suit themselves (Jehovah Witnesses); latch on to favourite verses - selective citing of scripture - but ignore its context and confuse definitions. Many cults deny the personality of the Devil and teach universalism and the ultimate reconciliation of everything. Many also deny the authority of Holy Scripture. This website gives you an fascinating insight into what some of these heretical cults believe and practice.
8. Ultimate Questions - Bible Study

When a person is born again, they are indwelt by the Spirit of God and are new creatures in Christ Jesus. At the moment of conversion many other wonderful things happen, which they still have to discover. As they study the Word of God - the Holy Scriptures, they learn about - the fullness of salvation, adoption, reconciliation, regeneration, forgiveness, pardon, justification, propitiation, cleansing by the blood of Christ and many other important doctrines. They find out that salvation is by grace alone, by faith alone by Christ alone. Soon they discover some of the basic doctrines of Christianity like - the Tri-unity of God, the deity of Christ, His sinless manhood, His vicarious death and triumphant resurrection and the eternal security of the believer. The study of the Scriptures is meaningful and it becomes their daily companion. They accept its absolute authority and bow in willing submission to its precepts. They test all teaching by it. Youíll find a vast resource of sound biblical teaching on this site.