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2020 Archives


January 2920

For Whom Did Christ Die?  

February 2020

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.”  

March 2020

Does God Really Send People to Hell?  

2019 Archives


January 2019

Salvation is Free foe you but Exceedingly costly for God  

February 2019

Bad News for Good People  

March 2019

Hope for the Broken  

April 2019

“He is not here: for He is risen, as He said” Matthew 28:6  

May 2019

Inner Cavity Discovered  

June 2019

"Christ Died for the Ungodly" (Romans:5 6.)  

July 2019

What it Means to be Saved  

August 2019

Will You Be Surprised?  

September 2019

Religion or Salvation - What is the Difference?  

November 2019

God Answers Your Questions  

December 2019

From Heaven with Love  

2018 Archives


December 2018

No Room  

November 2018

Are You Going to Heaven?  

October 2018

The Cross is the Cost of Forgiveness  

September 2018

In What Way did it Please God to show His Love?  

August 2018

Time for A Change  / The Touch of the Master's Hand  
July 2018 How to be saved / Peter in the storm / Saved or Lost? / Hymn – Just as I am  
June 2018 Why am I here? / Are you white-washed or washed white? / Hymn – It took a miracle  
May 2018 The way that seemed right / What is your hope? / Hymn – None but Jesus  
April 2018 The resurrection of Christ is … / He was seen / Hymn – Low in the grave He lay / Master of miracles  
March 2018 Water – Life / Drinking from wells that never satisfy / Come – just as you are  
February Is there any hope for peace?  
January 2018 I must tell you / The New Year / Jesus the Saviour  

2017 Archives


December 2017

The meaning of Christmas / The greatest journey / Wise men worshipped Him / Who is He? - Hymn  
November 2017 For God so loved the world / Gospel in a nut-shell / Jesus the only way to heaven  
October 2017 On the day of your death / Final words – famous men / One day at a time / Saved or lost  
September 2017 Dying of thirst / Why don’t we see rainbows always? / Facts about water / Searching Question  
August 2017 The wrong hiding place / Hymn - Just as I am / The only thing required / The only hiding place  
July 2017 How so snakes in the dark? / The light of the world / Interesting facts about the human eye  
June 2017 One thing to do before you are die / Resisting rescue / Hymn – He came from the mansions of Glory  
May 2017 Bridge Collapsed / Salvation only found in person of Christ / Hymn – Rock of Ages / Kim Phuc  
April 2017 The Empty cross / Jesus Christ unique mediator – God and man / Poem – He gave himself  
March 2017 Warnings unheeded / So Great Salvation / A man may go to Heaven without…  
February 2017 Will you take the challenge? / Justified by grace / Believe and live  
January 2017 The Way to heaven is sure and plain / Biblical diagnosis of the human heart /A new heart  

2016 Archives


December 2016

Unto you is Born… / Can this be Christmas / The prophesied one  
November 2016 The Greatest Invitation / Rest and Peace / I heard the voice of Jesus Say  
October 2016 Questions for God / No other Saviour / Surpassing glory of Christ  
September 2016 The greatest news for the lost / Hymn – How God can save yet righteous be? / The deity of Christ  
August 2016 What’s wrong with the world? / Who is to blame? Concordia / Poem – The Maker of the universe  
July 2016 Lord remember me / Forgiveness costly / Hymn -  My faith has found a resting place  
June 2016 Last words on Mt. Everest / The Brazen serpent / What does it take to believe / Do you believe? / Hymn - Life for a look  
May 2016 The plane…then began to drop… / What is coming to Christ? / The Vital Question  
April 2016 The grandest ship afloat / The gospel of Salvation / So Clear / Believe and live  
March 2016 The One who rose / The death of Christ was… / Why I believe Jesus rose from the dead  
February 2016 Christchurch NZ – earthquake / Forgiveness / 42 years to learn 3 things / Who is a pardoning God like thee?  
January 2016 The wrong Chart / The greatest question in the world / What shall I do with Jesus?   

2015 Archives


December 2015

True Peace / So rich a crown! / Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world / Poem – Born among cattle.  
November 2015 God says – when I see the blood I WILL… / What the Bible says about the blood of Christ / Transformed by the blood of Christ  
October 2015 Have you found a hiding place? / What the atheist believes / Biblical repentance  
September 2015 Are you born again? / What makes Christianity unique?  
August 2015 What are you trusting? / No middle ground / God manifest in flesh / The simplicity of Salvation  
July 2015 Have you done enough? / The Lamb of God / Hymn - How great thou art!  
June 2015 Your Name / God’s way of peace   
May 2015 Eternity now / God has set eternity in their hearts / The promises of the gospel / Poem - The maker of the Universe / Be in time  
April 2015 The garden Tomb / The resurrection of Christ is… / The heart of the gospel  
March 2015 The Bridgeman’s son / What the Bible says about Christ / Life’s book  
February 2015 God’s love / The justice of God   
January 2015 How can we know the way?  

2014 Archives


December 2014

When the fullness of time was come / Hymn - Who is He in yonder stall? / What true Christians think about Christ   
November 2014 Its Halloween – time for trick or treat / Hymn – How to come to Christ / What is your hope?  
October 2014 The Great White Throne judgement   
September 2014 Why Christianity can’t compete   
August 2014 7 Things you need to know / The Vital Question / All things were made by Him / Simplicity of the Gospel invitation   
July 2014 How can a guilty person be declared not guilty / Justified by His blood / Poem – The gift of righteousness  
June 2014 The conversion of the thief on the cross   
May 2014 God has spoken / So great a Saviour / Almost lost but saved  
April 2014 He must suffer    
March 2014 Can you be sure of heaven? / Grace reigning on the Throne – poem / Hymn - Amazing grace  
February 2014 Which Church saves? / Heaven - can you know for sure? / Hoping but not knowing  
January 2014 Will there be a new you?  

2013 Archives


December 2013

A Saviour Christ the Lord / Hymn – And did the Holy and the Just… / Salvation by works -  popularity / The Best gift  
November 2013 The great Supper   
October 2013 The Four writings of God / Poem – The Maker of the Universe / He is either – Lord, Liar or Lunatic   
September 2013 Behold the man! / In Christ we have… / Hymn – The Cross / How God sees us  
August 2013 The greatest imperative / God’s x-ray of everyone   
July 2013 Does God really send people to hell? / So great salvation  
June 2013 Heaven / The Son of Man must be lifted up / Hymn - Accepted  
May 2013 How to be saved / Hymn – My hope is built on nothing less …/ What is the anthropic principle?   
April 2013 Christ is risen / Hymn – Low in the grave He lay / The garden tomb of Jesus is famous because… /  
March 2013 Why am I here? / A snap-shot – what the Bible says about us / Hymn – Rock of Ages  
February 2013 The Big Question / No escape and no place to hide / What then? / Last words on Mount Everest  
January 2013 What is your plan for the future? – 5 Choices  

2012 Archives


December 2012

His name – Wonderful / Alpha and Omega wolf / All things made by Him  
November 2012 Water of Life / Salvation free to all / Interesting facts about water / Man’s sin &God’s Salvation  
October 2012 Illusions / Are you ready? / The Bible & its value / What is truth?  
September 2012 Storm warnings / Finding safety when danger threatens / What is next?   
August 2012 Creation or Evolution? / How a sinner is justified? / Nothing to pay / It is finished!  
July 2012 Four plain facts / Who made it? / The person of Christ  
June 2012 Can I believe… and be lost? / Refusing to believe / The word of God / Faith not feelings  
May 2012 Heaven and how to get there / The need for spiritual oxygen / The blood of Jesus  
April 2012 He lives / The victory / When Christ was crucified… / How to experience the ultimate metamorphosis   
March 2012 The vital Question / Justified / God answers your questions  
February 2012 Suppose it’s true after all? / My hiding place / Does God really send people to hell?  
January 2012 Happy new year / Time flies! / My new year wish for you / New Creation / Brevity of life  

2011 Archives


December 2011

The meaning of Christmas / Our greatest need / Wages or gift / The mystery of the person of Christ / The best gift  
November 2011 Best known verse in the Bible / The unique Christ / Poem - The maker of the universe / Fearfully and wonderfully made  
October 2011 Do you know where you are headed? / The Bridge of Salvation   
September 2011 The reality of saving faith / Faith in a £5 note / Serious business / The necessity of the new birth  
August 2011 The bad news – The good news / How good is good enough?  
July 2011 I’ve got my own religion / The unknown God / A perverted gospel  
June 2011 Who made it? / Creation’s language / Did you know – about stars  
May 2011 Flight 4590 / Not here long / Eternity  
April 2011

If Christ be not risen / Not a moment more / The resurrection of Christ is… / Becoming a new creature

March 2011 Looking and seeing / The amazing eye / Life for a look /Unnecessarily blind  
February 2011 Can we know? / The chessboard and the sceptical pawn / Finished work of Christ  
January 2011 3 Things God cannot do / The great divide / The Bible  

2010 Archives


December 2010

The shepherds / I am come / How to know him?  
November 2010 12 essential facts of the gospel / So great salvation / Biblical Christianity   
October 2010 Do you know where you are headed / The bridge of Salvation / Poem -  As needle point towards the pole  
September 2010 Peace in our troubled world / Why the Christian life – running a race   
August 2010 The light of the world / Inscription in Lubeck Cathedral / Only a little thing  
July 2010 Seven little bible words / An atheist answered / The perverted gospel / I wept and cried but never alone  
June 2010 5 truths you cannot ignore / Do not ignore the lighthouse / A man fell into a pit / Seven words of Christ on the cross   
May 2010 Amazing grace / The cost of travel / The transforming grace of God / Grace and mercy / Grace that saves   
April 2010 3 mind-sets – 3 attitudes / 3 minds in scripture / Check in – Have your passport ready  
March 2010 The uniqueness of Christianity / The monarch butterfly / The uniqueness of the cross of Christ / The gospel of Christ  
February 2010 Heaven and how to get there / Jesus the only way to heaven / Excuses that keep you out of heaven / Heaven for the Christian  
January 2010 Blood – the most amazing medicine / Fearfully and wonderfully made / Poem - I planned to pray…  

2009 Archives


December 2009

From heaven with love / How do we know that Jesus ever lived? /From heaven to earth /The gift of God   
November 2009 What is your life? / The shepherd / The Guide and the host / How I found the real meaning of life  / Reputation or Character  
October 2009 What is a Christian? / Heaven and how to get there / Hear his voice / Out of debt / How sad!  
September 2009 The difference between religion and salvation / Hymn - And can it be that I … / You have mail / The cost of travel  
August 2009

7 Kinds of conscience / Conscience at work / What the Bible says about a guilty conscience

July 2009 7 Great Bible paradoxes / 12 helps for young Christians  
June 2009 Fact –Faith – Feeling / Feelings come and feeling go / We have a debt to pay / Jesus paid it all / For the final storm – make sure you’re safe  
May 2010

Lessons from the pearl / 5 Little pebbles / The gospel pearl – John 3:16

April 2009 What is man? / The real me / Marvels of the human body / Fearfully and wonderfully made  
March 2009 Whoever get the son gets … / Who is your most valued person? / Personal testimonies to Christ   
February 2009 There is a way…/ The way the Truth & The life / I am the way the truth and the life  
January 2009

Looking unto Jesus / The book of life / Can a Christian live any old way?

2008 Archives    
December 2008 A Christmas Carol / 15 reasons why Jesus came / Here is love…/ The Child born – The Son given   
November 2008 A hiding place / Rock of ages / No hiding place / Bible study methods / Good intentions / Why a Christian should be encouraged  
October 2008 What about time? / The incomparable Christ  

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