A Book from Andrew Miller

Miller's Church History

Webmasters Note: The English in this book is 19th Century British English..

Pergamos Ministries affirms the outstanding labors in Church History compiled by Andrew Miller in the 1800s.  Miller has committed to the Church one of the most spiritual accountings ever recorded.  His "epical" rendering of the Seven Churches of Asia depict the condition of seven general eras of Church History from the times of the apostles to the present.  Frankly, the inspirational tone throughout the book (some 50+ chapters), leaves the reader awestruck and humbled by the Church's legacy . . . we are admonished to "hear what the Spirit says to the churches" for the time is short.  May the Lord greatly bless us all as we read of our triumphs, despairs, sufferings, revivals and awakenings throughout history; and, as we come to terms with our apostascies and deceptions, may we rise up in prophetic voice to challenge them "by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of our Testimony!"


The Seven Churches of Asia

1: The Rock Foundation
        Foundation of the Church
        Opening of the Kingdom of Heaven
        Church Government

2: The Day of Pentecost
        Resurrection and Ascension of Christ
        Descent of the Holy Ghost
        Calling in of the Gentiles
        First Christian Martyr

3: The Disciples Persecuted and Scattered
        Jerusalem and Samaria United by the Gospel
        Conversion of Saul of Tarsus

4: The First Missionaries of the Cross
        The Twelve Apostles
        Herodian Line of Kings

5: The Apostle Paul
        First Visit to Jerusalem
        First Missionary Journey
        Third Visit to Jerusalem
        Visit to Athens

6: Paul's Third Missionary Journey
        Departure for Macedonia
        Fifth Visit to Jerusalem
        Before the Sanhedrin
        Martyrdom of Paul

7: The Burning of Rome
        First Persecution Under the Emperors
        Downfall of Jerusalem
        The Real Cause of Persecution
        Persecutions in France

8: The Internal History of the Church
        Apostolic Fathers
        Origin of Clergy and Laity
        Origin of Dioceses

9: From Commodus till the Accession of Constantine.
        Persecution in Africa
        Altered Position of Christianity
        The General State of Christianity
        The Condition of the Church

10: Constantine the Great
        Church as Constantine Found It
        Effects of Royal Favour
        Baptism and Death of Constantine

11: The Council of Nice
        The Council of Tyre
        The Barbaric Invaders

12: The Internal History of the Church
        Infant Baptism
        First Society of Ascetics
        Calamities of Rome

13: The Epistle to the Church in Thyatira
        Leo the First, Surnamed the Great
        Missionary Zeal of Gregory
        Romish Hierarchy in England

14: The Spread of Christianity Over Europe
        First Preachers in Ireland
        First Preachers in Scotland
        Foreshadowing of the Man of Sin

15: Mohammed, the False Prophet of Asia.
        Religion of Islam
        Successors of Mohammed.
        Second Council of Nicaea

16: The Silver Line of Sovereign Grace
        Origin of the Paulicians
        Religious Wars of Charlemagne
        Feudal Hierarchical System.

17: The Propagation of Christianity
        Louis the Pious
        The Slavonians Receive the Gospel
        England, Scotland, and Ireland

18: The Church-Building Spirit Revived.
        Learning of the Arabs Imported into Christendom
        Traces of the Silver Line of God's Grace

19: The Pontificate of Gregory VII
        Gregory and Clerical Independence
        Celibacy and Simony
        The Emperor Deposed by the Pope
        Effects of the Papal Policy
        Burning of Ancient Rome

20: The Crusades
        The First Crusade
        The Second Crusade
        The Third Crusade
        The Remainder of the Crusades

21: Henry V and Gregory's Successors
        St. Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux.
        The Great Council of the Lateran
        Arnold of Brescia

22: The Encroachments of Rome in England
        The Introduction of Canon Law into England
        Thomas a Becket and Henry II
        The "Constitutions of Clarendon"

23: The Theology of the Church of Rome
        Mary Worship
        Saint Worship
        Relic Worship
        Extreme Unction
        Auricular Confession

24: Innocent III and His Times
        Innocent's Views of Popedom
        Philip and Otho
        Innocent and England
        England Surrendered to Rome

25: Innocent and the South of France
        Peter Waldo
        Raymond a Spiritual Outlaw
        The Real Object of the Catholics

26: The Inquisition Established in Languedoc
        The Application of Torture
        The Auto de Fe
        St. Benedict
        New Orders St. Dominic and St. Francis

27: The Approaching Dawn of the Reformation
        Christianity in Ireland
        Christianity in Scotland
        Popery as a System.

28: The Decline of Papal Power
        Gregory IX and Frederick II
        The Overruling Hand of God
        The Humiliation of the Pontiff

29: The Forerunners of the Reformation
        Literary Men
        The Theologians
        The Waldenses
        The Dark Year of 1560

30: John Wycliffe
        England and the Papacy
        Wycliffe and the Bible
        The Lollards.

31: The Reformation Movement in Bohemia
        The Imprisonment of John Huss
        The Arrest and Imprisonment of Jerome
        The United Brethren or Moravians

32: The Capture of Constantinople
        The First Printed Bible
        The Immediate Precursors of Luther
        Reflections on the Life of Savonarola

33: The Reformation in Germany
        Popery and Mankind
        The First Period of Luther's Life
        Luther's Conversion

34: The First Papal Jubilee
        Luther's Public Appeal
        Distinguished Men of the Sixteenth Century
        The Diet of Worms

35: Luther at Wartburg.
        Luther and the German Bible
        The Hundred Grievances
        The First Diet of Spires

36: Protestantism
        The Lutheran Churches
        Meetings of the Protestants

37: The Sacramentarian Controversy
        The Conference at Marburg
        A Proposal for Toleration and Unity

38: The Council at Bologna
        The Diet of Augsburg
        The Articles of Faith
        The Letters of Melanchthon and Luther

39: The Popish Refutation
        The Final Decree
        The League of Smalcald
        The Peace of Ratisbon

40: The Reformation in Switzerland
        Zwingle, Pastor of Glaris
        The Rising Storm

41: The Leaders of the Reformation in Switzerland
        The Progress of the Reformation-Zurich
        Zwingle and His Brothers
        The Disputations at Zurich

42: The Results of the Disputations
        The Answer of Zurich to Lucerne
        The Swiss and German Reformation
        The Weapons of Rome's Warfare

43: The General Progress of Reform
        The Reformation in Berne
        The Conference at Baden
        The Great Conference at Berne
        The Reformation of Basle

44: The Extension of Reform in Switzerland.
        The Five Cantons Form a League with Austria
        The Treaty of Cappel
        War Declared Against Zurich

45: The Reformation in Germany
        The Great Actors Passing Off the Scene
        The Death of Luther
        Reflections on the Life of Luther

46: The Opening of the Council of Trent
        The Smalcald War
        The Treachery of Maurice
        The German's Treated as a Conquered People

47: "The Interim"
        The Revolution in Germany
        The Calamities of the Protestants
        The Rise of the Jesuits

48: The Effect of the Reformation in Germany on the
        Nations of Europe
        Sweden and Denmark
        The Netherlands

49: The Reformation in French Switzerland
        Early History of William Farel
        The Arrival of Calvin in Geneva
        Calvin and Calvinism

50: The Reformation in France
        The Bible in French at Meaux
        Commencement of Persecution in France
        The Year of the Placards

51: The Great Progress of the Reformation
        The First Planting of the Reformed Church in France
        The Saint Bartholomew Massacre
        The Council of Trent

52: The Waldenses
        The Wars of Extermination
        The Sympathy of England
        The Persecution and Expulsion of the Waldenses

53: The Reformation in the British Isles
        The Fiery Zeal of Cardinal Beaton
        George Wishart
        John Knox

54: The Reformation in England
        The Reformation Begun
        The Persecution Begins
        Ridley, Latimer, and Cranmer

55: The Reign of Elizabeth
        The Puritans
        John Wesley
        Sunday Schools
        Foreign Missions

56: Philadelphia
        Church Truth
        The Spread of the Truth

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