The Chronicles of the Church of God
These Chronicles seek to explain the importance of the churches to the heart of God and to discuss principles and modern day issues relevant to a church desiring to serve and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ alone


The Place Where God's People Come


Teaches two sets of instructions concerning the believer's position and responsibility: one, they are in something (in Christ) and two, they are to come together to a place (the local church)


The Place of His name Alone


Teaches that the local church is a place for sacrificing to the Lord, where all is done to please Him, not the public, the lost, the saints or self. It is His church.

The Place of Learning Fear


Teaches that the local church is the place for the family to come to learn the fear of the Lord.


The Place of Remembrance


Teaches that the local church is the place where the people of God come together to remember the Lord  as He desires.


Babel in the Church


Teaches what the error of Babel is and how it is present in the church today.