And he answered and said unto them, My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it.  Luke 8:21

v   The Parallel of Mary to Jesus
In spite of the Biblical truth, 'My glory will I not give to another,' Roman Catholicism constructs a parallel of Mary to Jesus, and even to the Holy Spirit. 

v   What view should Christians have of Mary
The Bible nowhere refers to her as the mother of God or implies in any way that she was born without sin. In fact, she herself recognized her need of a Saviour
(Luke 1:47).

v   Hail, Mary Co-Redeemer?
The prayer life of the Roman Catholic is quite different from the Bible believing Christian.

v   The myth of Mary's life-time virginity
The Word of God could not have made it any clearer that Mary had four sons besides Jesus, and that Jesus had both brothers and sisters.

v   Did Mary have other children?

The Bible is very specific in saying that Mary, the mother of Jesus, did have other children after Jesus was born.

v   The Virginity of Mary
Mary was a virgin at the conception and the birth of Jesus, her first-born son. However, the perpetual virginity of Mary is not taught in the Bible. This belief is an invention of human tradition.

v   The Assumption of Mary
This extraordinary claim was only officially declared to be a dogma of Roman Catholic faith in 1950.

v   The Crucified Jesus, Mary & the Dying Thief
The penitent thief had no need of an intercessor to touch the heart of Jesus. Although the mother of the Saviour was there present, he had not even a thought of addressing her. He understood that Jesus was his friend, his Saviour, and his God; and he did not deceive himself. He put his trust in Jesus and  in Jesus alone.

v   The Dogma of the Immaculate Conception
The first real advocacy of the dogma comes in the twelfth century in the writing of a British monk Eadmer.

v   The Dogma of the Assumption of Mary
Mary is last mentioned in Acts 1 where she is found praying with the other disciples before Pentecost. After that, the Bible is silent about her life and death.

v   Mary Worship
As a faithful Catholic, and later as a nun, I practiced Mary worship for many years without realizing it.

v   Mother and Child Worship
The story of the mother and child was widely known in ancient Babylon and developed into an established worship. Numerous monuments of Babylon show the goddess mother Semiramis with her child Tammuz in her arms.

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