In the beginning (time) God created (energy) the heavens (space) & the earth (matter). Genesis 1: 1

v   The Creator God of the Bible
Many people wrongly place the creation of the world into the category of a 'Once upon a time’ narrative, or even a fable, without stating a valid reason for this assumption.

v   The Authority of Scripture
The charge that Christ was mistaken or merely accommodating to His hearers is impossible for a consistent Christian to hold.

v   Science and God
There are only two possible explanations for the existence of the universe and mankind: chance or design.

v   101 Scientific Facts & Foreknowledge
Scientific research continues to unfold the wonders and mysteries of our universe. Interestingly, there is one book that has anticipated many of these scientific facts. That book is the Bible.

v   There is no proof that God exists !
Sometimes an atheist asserts that there is no proof that God exists.  The only problem is that an atheist cannot logically make that claim.

v   I do not see any convincing evidence
Following are some of the approaches I use when dealing with atheists in conversations that deal with alleged lack of evidence for God's existence

v   Everything needs a Creator
If everything needs a creator, then no matter what exists, it must have been created. 

v   Creation - Where's the proof?
Why do we interpret facts differently? Because we start with different presuppositions. What are yours?

v   Atheism, evolution & purpose
This outline attempts to show that the evolutionary theory, based on naturalistic principles, leads to purposelessness.

v   God and evolution
Theistic evolution has enormous appeal. It seems to offer the best of both worlds. It offers the comfort and fulfilment of believing in God, and at the same time the security of fitting in with the major scientific consensus.

v   How much does God control?
Such people argue that the amount of pain and suffering in the world proves that if God is good He's not all-powerful, and that if He's all-powerful He isn't good.

v   Jesus Christ and the infallibility of Scripture
Jesus never belittled Scripture (as some modern critics do), or set it aside (as the Jewish leaders of His day had done with their Oral Traditions), or criticized it (although He criticized those who misused it), or contradicted it.

v   What if it's true?
If He wasn’t speaking on behalf of our Creator, then He was either a very sick or evil man.

v   Scientific accuracies of the Bible
The Bible is not a book about science, but when it does speak scientifically, it is accurate. In fact, it was far ahead of any other writing of its time.

v   The first book of public hygiene
The instructions recorded in Leviticus 15 are strikingly similar to modern disease-prevention techniques.

v   Dinosaurs and the Bible
Come and walk through history and uncover some amazing facts that will answer many of your questions about these ‘terrible lizards.’

v   What about the big bang?
The well-known British physicist, Stephen W. Hawking, identifies the ultimate question behind everything. ‘Today we still yearn to know why we are here and where we came from.’

v   Humans - Image of God or advanced apes?
Humans are very different from animals, especially in the ability to use language and logic.

v   What about carbon-dating
How does the carbon ‘clock’ work? Is it reliable? What does carbon dating really show? What about other radiometric dating methods? Is there evidence that the earth is young?

v   An open letter to an Atheist
A man and a rock are relatively the same. Both are just a collection of atoms. Is that all there is to it?

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