No Escape and No Place To Hide.


It is hard to find suitable words to describe the horrific bombing of the four commuter trains in Spain on the 11th day of March, 2004.  191 were killed and 1400 injured. 


Would the masterminds of these acts of terrorism have the courage to engage in open fighting for their cause?  There is something cowardly about terrorism.  The acts seem so bold and brave but do the masterminds have the courage to put their life on the line for their cause? Maybe they do. 


The hide-out of the train bombing masterminds had been discovered by the police. Preparing to storm their apartment building and make arrests, the police surrounded the complex in the middle class residential section of Madrid around 9pm Saturday evening. 


Among those inside was  Sarhane Ben Abdelmajid Fakhet, the leader and coordinator of the terrorist attacks. But before the police had a chance to storm the building, a powerful bomb exploded inside, blowing off the roof and shattering the glass in nearby buildings.  The chief suspect along with three accomplices blew themselves up,  also killing a special forces agent trying to enter the building and wounding 15 others outside.  (1)


Did they courageously die for their cause or were they cowards who did not have the courage to stand before their prosecutors in a court of law?  We will never know what truly motivated them to commit suicide. However we do know that by blowing themselves up, they did in fact escape a trial on earth for their crimes. 


While committing suicide allowed them to escape facing a judge on earth, it did nothing to help them avoid facing the Judge in eternity. No one can escape meeting God in eternity.


In Revelation 20, the Bible makes it clear that those who have never trusted Christ as their personal Saviour, will individually stand in their sins before Christ Himself.  This solemn occasion will be the final meeting of the sinner with Christ. On that awful day, Christ will open up the books to show the sinner ‘why’ she is being consigned to the Lake of Fire forever. 


There will be no weighing good deeds against bad deeds at this Throne.  Everyone who stands before Christ on that day will, without exception, be sent to eternal punishment.


Bodies that decayed to dust or were burned to ashes and scattered across the ocean, the Almighty God will call up before the Throne. Every last sinner will stand before Him in the very bodies in which they sinned during their lifetime. Every sin will be exposed. There will be no escapes; no failures to appear; no disappearing acts or suicides.  From the nail pierced hand, each will be cast into the Lake of Fire.  Read the Bible account in Revelation 20, starting at verse 11.


I am so thankful that I had a meeting by faith with Christ in this life.  My sins are forgiven and I will never stand before Him at the Great White Throne. In Philippians 2:10 we are told that every knee in the universe will eventually bow to Jesus Christ.  You can either bow in time and accept Him as your Saviour and Lord, or you WILL bow before Him at the Great White Throne. 


My prayer for you is that you will bow in time!

(1) Suspect in Spain Blasts Among Dead, International Herald Tribune, April 5, 2004

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