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Gospel Outreach Vision:

We are a group of non-denominational Christians, who have been involved in neighbourhood evangelism for the past fourteen years. We have a passionate desire to bring the gospel to the lost using good quality literature, CDs, DVDs, and the Internet. We realize that the vast majority of people will never enter a church building to hear it preached. Our mission is to take it to them. Bringing the Word of Life has work-stations in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our online presence at has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to meet our mission statement using global outreach and the latest internet technology.

History & Production:

Initially, we distributed the booklet 'God's Way of Salvation' with a brief covering letter to hundreds of homes in the local neighborhood. We did this on a systematic basis for a number of years. We also gave away gospel tapes to contacts we made. The work continued and was expanded throughout our local area, which included neighboring villages.

Eight years ago, we developed our first gospel (computer only) CD and gave away 5000 copies. Since then we have produced several computer only CDs. We have also produced many other audio CDs and DVDs available for distribution. These CDs have a wealth of sound Bible based material. One entitled - 'Beyond Religion' was developed primarily for Roman Catholics. This DVD has been used extensively.

Copies of these DVDs are currently being produced in Australia and sent far and wide by a young couple who have purchased their own copying equipment. At the last count, they had distributed some 100,000 CDs & DVDs. Our experience, thus far, indicates that in today's fast moving world, because most people need to multi-task on the move, they will first choose a short DVD as a preferred means of visual communication and online text, in preference to reading books. Consequently, the Internet is here to stay.


To date, we have given away tens of thousands of DVDs & CDs. We have sent them to many other countries:- Nepal, Philippines, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, USA, Spain, Australia, Mexico, India, Egypt, West Indies, Poland, England, Wales and Scotland. Several thousand have been distributed throughout the North and South of Ireland. Our material is also copied and widely distributed in Canada, Australia, India and Poland.

Technical Equipment:

We have all the necessary technical computer equipment for replicating and printing DVDs & CDs. For printing we use the automated Microboard Print Factory. We have 2 machines. Our latest acquisition is capable of printing 100 DVDs in 35 minutes. We also have a system which can copy 50 CDs in a single run. For duplicating DVDs and CDs we have 2 copying towers. In a single run they can copy 18 DVDs or CDs. We are especially pleased that over the last few years much of the technology we use has become more "user friendly". This means that we can share our skill-set, archives, networking contacts, and international resources with others who choose to get involved. Our outreach allows for small groups of two or three people working from their home computers to be part of this great enterprise.

Support for Local Evangelism:

The content of our website is specifically intended to reach the lost with the glorious Good News of the grace of God. In order to do so effectively, we have found it essential to address head-on many issues and objections people often raise about the Christian Gospel. The website lays great emphasis on the absolute authority of the "Word of God" the whole "Word for the whole world". It is designed to inform, challenge, encourage and strengthen Christians across the world in their personal and collective witness for Christ. We encourage others to follow these sound principles and have produced a "fact sheet" outlining the way forward from website design and presence online to the best use of our archives. It is available on request.

We make our technical expertise, (such as it is) and all our other resources, available to them free of charge. DVD outreach work can be an inexpensive way to become involved in evangelism on a very personal level. Indeed, it can be a great opportunity to share the Good News with extended family members and friends.


Bringing the Word of Life has had a presence on the web for the past seven years. Indeed, our presence online has ensured that our site has a first page Google search result for those looking to review gospel material. We have a website host that accommodates our needs on a daily basis with expertise and stability. This enables us to maintain acceptable Christian standards at all times. The emergence of YouTube and video sharing sites has created a new opportunity for evangelism. To be accessible to most non-Christians, video clips need to be something other than mini-sermons or preachy. Probably the most effective video flash clips are short but relevant thought provoking messages to catch the interest of the viewer.

With the purchase of new webcams, we hope to develop our own programming as an effective tool in evangelism. Currently, we have a presence on YouTube. There is nothing offered for sale on the site and we make no requests, either directly online or through our newsletter, for support. Over the years, our website has greatly expanded and the number of visitors increased. In the past twelve months we had almost five million visitors from 115 countries. All the material on the website is down-loadable and free! During one particular month, our band-width had to be increased three times because down-loading was so heavy. This necessitated us purchasing our own server and maintaining a content of some sixteen (30) GB of material in cyberspace.

The visitors to our site come from the following countries:

Arab Emirates, Australia, Austria, Argentina, Antigua & Barbuda, Albania, Bahrain, Brazil, Botswana, Belgium, Bahamas, Belize, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, Cayman Islands, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Fiji, Faroe Islands, Great Britain, Germany, Guatemala, Ghana, Greece, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Iran, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Jordan, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kenya, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Lebanon, Malta, Malaysia, Mexico, Mauritius, Mozambique, Moldova, Macedonia, Morocco, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nepal, Oman, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Panama, Poland, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Portugal, Peru, Pakistan, Qatar, Russian Federation, Romania, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Slovak Republic, South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, Syria, Switzerland, Seychelles, Swaziland, Saint Kitts, Slovenia, Saint Vincent Grenadines, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, Thailand, Tanzania, Turkey, Togo, United States, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

New Life Radio Online:

In July 2009 the website was doubled in size in order to reach out with the gospel in many other languages. It now has 6 Radio Stations linked to the website broadcasting the gospel in the following languages:

Farsi (Iran) -  Spanish  -  Russian  - Polish  - Hindi  - English.

Currently our website broadcasts 24/7 from a satellite link-up, which ensures the continuity of our broadcast. Security has become a watch-word when working with those who have direct responsibility for satellite broadcasting. We are assured by our internet partner, who has been broadcasting for many years that although there are many challenges and road-blocks set up by the some governing administration their broadcasts have life-changing and lasting results. Many lives are changed. Each week there is a continuous stream of requests for more and more information. Another very important radio link takes us to the other side of the world in Chile, South America, and broadcasting in Spanish. Through this we can reach millions of folk on a daily basis.

We have also created a Newlife Radio Communications link, which is virtually a website within the existing website. This means we communicate the gospel in 17 different languages.

They are: 6: (2) Farsi - English - French - German - Hindi & Urdu - India  - (3) Philippines - Korean - Polish - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish

The Ultimate Questions booklet by John Blanchard and Published by Evangelical Press:

Is now available online for the first time with the author's permission in 34 languages. The Two Roads and Two Destinies chart has also been included and is now available in 42 international languages. An End-Times prophetic outline chart is also available in 68 languages.

In recent months we have engaged a specialist computer programmer to upgrade the whole website using the latest CSS computer language. This is a mammoth task, because the website is so vast. However, it is one that we think is essential to ensure its effective continuance well into the future. Additionally, we hope to offer access to the latest applications, such as, contact management, embedded audio and video players, desktop blogs, and mobile podcast broadcasting.

Monthly Newsletters:

We issue a monthly newsletter which is requested by some visitors to the website. Each month we send out 250 Newsletters. A core element of the newsletter is the gospel. Our monthly newsletter can also be found on our website. The archives are updated each month and all can be down-loaded. Newsletters are forwarded to literally the four corners of the world. We never share our email address book with anyone. All replies to individual questions are confidential and personal and sent only to the individual making the enquiry.

The message from Bringing the Word of Life to a lost world is urgent. It needs to know that death is not like the "lotto". You can't go back next week and purchase another chance to get it right. Death is one for one! Get it wrong once and the bad news is that for those who reject Christ there is no more good news..........

Reaching other lands - The Hand-held Saber Recorders - Distribution to India - South America - Philippines villages:

This is a new area of work for Bringing the Word of Life but it ties in very effectively with our global mission of reaching the lost, literate and illiterate, with the wonderful news of the gospel. It is, therefore, our intention to exploit these unique resources made available by Global Recordings Network.


Saber Hand-held Player
Making the Difference....

It can be powered with
built-in solar panel

Megavoice Ambassador
Breaking the Silence...

It can be powered with
built-in solar panel

They have been producing audio gospel messages in the heart languages of the people of the world for over sixty years. More than 5800 languages and dialects have been recorded so far. Particular priority has been given to ‘oral societies’ and minority language groups. But people can't hear these messages unless they have the means to play them. GNR has now released a hand-wind MP3 digital audio player, with built in generator, amplifier and speaker that will recharge it using solar energy. While it can be recharged by winding it up, it is also technically sophisticated. External power sources, such as AC & DC power packs, solar panels, or batteries, can also be used to recharge the machine.

Outreach can take many forms but communication is always essential: 

The Saber and MegaVoice audio tools will go anywhere; speak any language and carry the life-bringing message of the gospel. View details below:

Scripture Engagement

It has a USB connection which means it can be linked to a computer in order to add and delete messages as you choose. It also has an SD memory card facility. It is very robust and easy to use. The person using it does not require any technical expertise or indeed be able to read or write. It has excellent sound quality which is simply controlled for use in large groups.

This excellent pack enables people in small and large groups in remote areas to listen to gospel messages and the Word of God in their own language. We have purchased 2 Sabers for use in rural Philippines, 4 for villages in India and 2 for South America. If these prove successful we intend expanding their use in these areas and other remote regions.

Personal Recorders - The Megavoice Ambassador - View details below:

The MEGAVOICE NGP Ambassador

We have also purchased 50 of these. They are primarily for personal use, especially designed for those who cannot read or write. They are a suitable compliment to the Saber. Initially, each Recorder will have the New Testament on it in the appropriate language. At a later date, we also intend using the gospel and other teaching material chosen by local workers.

This small but compact audio player is rugged, durable, water resistant and solar powered. It is about the size and weight of a deck of cards. It can play the complete Bible and still has room for an entire Bible study course. It contains an internal speaker, and is very economical and easy to use.

Please pray for Bringing the Word of life and its global outreach with the gospel. From a very small beginning it has grown beyond our greatest expectations 'This the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.' Psm.118:23.

A copy of this current Gospel Outreach UPDATE can be found below which has been posted as a PDF file for copy and email to friends.

Teaching Bible stories for His sake


Reaching Others for His Sake


This message is the sole reason that Bringing the Word of Life exists.

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